Pet Dentistry

pet dental care

Pet dental care is just as vital for pets as it is for humans. Did you know that by age three, approximately half of all dogs and cats in the US will have some form of gum disease? Gum disease is an inflammatory condition of the oral cavity where calculus (hardened plaque and tartar) accrues under the gum line, releasing harmful bacteria that attack the tooth root and surrounding tissues. In some cases, the bacteria can even enter the bloodstream and affect the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

How Regular Dental Care Keeps Pets Healthy

While gum disease can be a very real concern for pets, this condition is easily preventable. Brushing your pet’s teeth daily, supplementing their care with oral chews and treats, and having their teeth examined annually will keep their mouth clean and healthy. Ask us about pet dental care and how often your pet should have professional dental cleanings.

The goal of pet dental care is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease that can greatly affect your pet’s health. By reducing plaque and tartar buildup and checking for underlying dental issues, we prevent irreversible damage to your pet’s teeth and bones.

"Great customer service with staff that shows love for your pets. Being a very picky client this is the only Animal Clinic I'm comfortable with leaving my dog. Dr. Schooley will surely educate and keep you informed of any issues with your pets. I highly recommend Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic!"

-Neil R.

"Truly valued our faith in Dr. Schooley! She made Jacoby feel comfortable and safe, while offering love and exceptional care! Also, the best boarding we experienced in South Florida! She offers a military discount and the best advice for pups on the go!"

-Christina B.

"I don't think I could ever thank everyone at at Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic enough for all the care they gave my cat Sprinkles while we where away for 5 days! Dr Mary and her staff are all so kind and loving, there is no other place I would or could ever take my pet!! Thank you all for treating her like your own!!"

-Randi G.


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