A Lifetime of Good Health with Pet Wellness Care

Pet Wellness Care in Miramar: Kitten

Modern veterinary medicine has lengthened the lives and furthered the wellbeing of our beloved pets. However, our skilled veterinarians work best in partnership with YOU! Bringing your young, adult, or senior pet in for routine pet wellness care is the first step in that partnership. Furthermore, our friendly team is happy to advise you on all aspects of your pet's care, including nutritional and behavioral elements. So, if it's been a while since your four-legged friend has had a nose-to-tail examination, don't hesitate -- book them at our animal hospital in Miramar today!

Checking in through the First Year

Pets under a year old are still growing and developing immunities making the first year an important foundation for good health. Puppies and kittens are particularly vulnerable to intestinal parasites, so we need to run tests and deworm if necessary. Additionally, we administer vaccines around six to eight weeks with boosters to follow. As a new pet owner, you must also think about spay and neuter surgery, as well as adequate training and nutrition.

Keeping an Adult Pet Healthy

For much of your pet's life, they will be in their adult years. Though this time is the prime of their lives, you still play an instrumental role in keeping it that way with annual health checks. A full nose-to-tail examination alerts our doctors to potential concerns and allows us to run any needed tests. The annual exam is also a great time for questions on your pet's behavior, nutrition, or general state of health. Furthermore, preventive care is less costly than treating advanced conditions.

Visiting Bi-Annually with a Senior Pet

Senior pets can suffer from the same issues we do in old age. Luckily, we manage arthritis, dental disease, diabetes, and more to preserve the quality of your senior pet's life. Due to the number of age-related conditions in senior pets and their tendency to rapidly progress, we recommend bi-annual pet wellness care exams for all our senior patients. The age at which pets are consider senior varies, so ask us for more information if you're unsure of what life stage your pet is in!

"Great customer service with staff that shows love for your pets. Being a very picky client this is the only Animal Clinic I'm comfortable with leaving my dog. Dr. Schooley will surely educate and keep you informed of any issues with your pets. I highly recommend Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic!"

-Neil R.

"Truly valued our faith in Dr. Schooley! She made Jacoby feel comfortable and safe, while offering love and exceptional care! Also, the best boarding we experienced in South Florida! She offers a military discount and the best advice for pups on the go!"

-Christina B.

"I don't think I could ever thank everyone at at Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic enough for all the care they gave my cat Sprinkles while we where away for 5 days! Dr Mary and her staff are all so kind and loving, there is no other place I would or could ever take my pet!! Thank you all for treating her like your own!!"

-Randi G.


Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic

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