The Power of Pet Vaccinations

a kitten resting in a grass field after her pet vaccinations
a vet comforting a cat after her pet vaccinations

Today, pet vaccinations are a standard health requirement for good reason. Similarly to how contagious diseases have been reduced or eradicated in human populations, vaccinations have also benefitted pets. While vaccination technology has taken great strides in controlling illness, the benefit still depends on you. Certain diseases are still prevalent in animal populations. Only by responsibly vaccinating your cat and dog can we continue our fight against unnecessary disease. To fully protect your pet, make sure to revisit us for booster shots and revaccinate at the appropriate times. At Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic in Miramar, we’re happy to customize and educate you on a vaccine plan for your four-legged friend.

What You Need to Know About “Core” Vaccines

If you’ve recently adopted a new pet, whether they’re a puppy/kitten or adult pet, schedule an examination with us right away. During this appointment, we assess what vaccinations your pet needs. For young pets or ones with an unknown history, initial vaccinations include core and potentially some lifestyle-specific vaccines. The guidelines for core pet vaccinations are as follows:

  • Puppies can be vaccinated against DAPP as early as six weeks old.
  • The DAPP vaccine is boosted in puppies one to two times with two- to four-week intervals and a final shot one year later.
  • Kittens can be vaccinated against FVRCP as early as six weeks old.
  • The FVRCP vaccine is boosted in kittens two to three times with three- to four-week intervals and a final shot one year later.
  • Though not core in adults, kittens are vaccinated against feline leukemia with a booster one year later.
  • For both cats and dogs, the rabies vaccine is initially given around 12 weeks old with a booster shot one year later.
  • After a booster series is complete, single boosters are updated every one or three years depending on risk exposure.

Additional Vaccines We May Recommend

Though core pet vaccinations provide essential protection for your pet against some of the most dangerous animal diseases, they may need additional ones. Lifestyle-specific vaccines are equally important as core but are dependent on your pet’s activity level, travel tendencies, and exposure to other animals in general. If your dog visits dog parks (which are great for socialization), they may benefit from protection against canine influenza. If you have an outdoor cat, they may need to be vaccinated against FIV, an illness typically passed after cat-to-cat altercations. Contact us to schedule an appointment, so we can advise you on the best vaccine plan for your pet.

a puppy looking at the camera as it's about to recieve it's pet vaccinations

“Great customer service with staff that shows love for your pets. Being a very picky client this is the only Animal Clinic I’m comfortable with leaving my dog. Dr. Schooley will surely educate and keep you informed of any issues with your pets. I highly recommend Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic!”

-Neil R.

“Truly valued our faith in Dr. Schooley! She made Jacoby feel comfortable and safe, while offering love and exceptional care! Also, the best boarding we experienced in South Florida! She offers a military discount and the best advice for pups on the go!”

-Christina B.

“I don’t think I could ever thank everyone at at Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic enough for all the care they gave my cat Sprinkles while we where away for 5 days! Dr Mary and her staff are all so kind and loving, there is no other place I would or could ever take my pet!! Thank you all for treating her like your own!!”

-Randi G.


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